Become Remarkable

Innovate, adapt and deliver through lasting cultural change.


Unthink. Respond. Reinvent.

The new competitive advantage is the ability to anticipate, respond and adapt to change.


We love solving problems.

We solve problems, by asking the questions differently.

Why? To adapt.

We help people and organisations to be better. We are a passionate and diverse collective who believe the new competitive advantage is the ability to anticipate, respond, and adapt to change.

What? Become remarkable.

With you, we’ll ask the big questions and confront difficult truths so that you, your people and your organisation can drive innovation, transformation and lasting cultural change to become remarkable.

How? Hands-on.

We love working hands on: going to where the problems are in order to learn and diagnose. We help teams and organisations, teaching them new tools and techniques, as well as addressing the Human Factors, which influence our performance.

Ways of Working

We offer planning, education and coaching to enable teams to build their own bespoke best-practice approach using a suite of systems thinking inspired tools.

We work alongside you to make sure you’re self-sufficient as quickly as possible — rather than taking over and doing it for you.

Autonomy is your jetfuel.

Human Factors

Human Factors is a scientifically-valid and empathetic understanding of how people can best function — as individuals and high-performing teams — as they interact with systems, environment and each other.

We employ a skills-based methodology, because while understanding is invaluable, it’s your skills that translate knowledge to behaviour and performance.

Team Performance

Measuring, monitoring and optimising team performance is a key part of successful change.

We use a range of tools from short surveys, team retrospectives, ethnographic interviews and more to help teams understand and measure how they are going and how they can improve.

Visual Management

Total transparency of work, plans and other contextual information is a huge enabler for individuals, teams and organisations.

As a team, we have built and used hundreds of unique visual approaches.  Every team is different and capturing and sharing that is essential to success.


Because we’re hard-wired to tell stories — we’re hard-wired to listen to stories.

We use and teach story-telling to drive deeper meaning, value and authenticity in the work and strategies that you’re building.

Workspace Design

The physical space we work in impacts on the way we feel, interact and how productive we are.

We take a human-centred and design-led approach to gain rich understanding of the spatial and environmental needs of individuals, teams, organisations and physical space.  From these insights and our experience we help you create practical plans for your workspaces.

Human Factors training with Luna Tractor was the best course I have ever done in my life!

Richard BussoANZ Digital Strategy & Business Performance

I wasn’t sure what we were getting through Luna's discovery phase. I’m very happy with what's been delivered… it’s everything in one spot.

Paul HulettChief Information Officer — GMHBA

Luna built a scalable system and culture enabling BAUM to grow it’s bicycle manufacturing capacity and serve an expanding international dealer network.

Darren BaumFounder — BAUM Bicycles

Luna worked with the entire iCareHealth organisation to transform us into an integrated, customer-driven product development team which delivers value.

Chris GrayCEO — iCare Health

Start by Starting

It’s always easy to find reasons why we shouldn’t change, or to feel overwhelmed by all the choices and scale of the problem. Choose instead to just start.

Understand how we start together

Blog? We certainly do…

The Luna team and friends share their thoughts on customer insights, strategy and stories, how we work and how humans perform.  Plus of course a little dose of space nerdery.

Consider our brains picked

We go to the source of the problem. So that we understand the problem.