We always try and start by immersing ourselves to understand the current organisation and system of work.  What’s working well and where there is room to improve.  We do this holistically through a focus on:


    • Techniques to plan, manage and execute work 
(Agile and Lean and bespoke)
    • Techniques to engage with customers 
(Customer Centricity, Design Thinking, Human-Centred Design etc)
    • Techniques to develop and share strategy and commitment 
(Lean and , Narrative Thinking – Storytelling)
    • Maintaining mindset through stress and change 
(Human Factors)


 Discovery & Immersion

    • Observing the existing habits and practices
    • One-on-one ethnographic interviews with team members at all levels
    • Immersion experiences for the team to other organisations using Systems Thinking approaches
    • Maintaining mindset through stress and change 
(Human Factors)
    • Capturing and sharing our observations to provide candid and transparent feedback and direction


Creating a blueprint for change

    • Diagnosis — where things are today, where they could go, and what would be required to get there
    • Education, enthusiasm and alignment of teams
    • Identification of tactical opportunities to immediately and continuously improve
    • A story to capture and share all this