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At various times I’ve heard Fiona, Nigel and myself telling people “If you only adopt one Agile practice make it the retrospectives” … But why ? The boards are useful, but they are really just give you a prompt when … Continue reading

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YOW! 2011 Australia Conference – something for everyone, even the economists!

As the lunatics in charge of the Luna Tractor, James and I are fortunate to spend time with the 25% of Australian agile professionals who actually give a shit, who we often meet at industry conferences. The smarter among you … Continue reading

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Command and Control – is there an Option?

Sorry. Lean nerd joke. Read this if you don’t get it – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Freedom-Command-Control-Better-Make/dp/0954618300

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Luna BAHA Award nominee #1: “Implementing Scrum in your project will certainly be a cakewalk after this training”

We’d like to present our first nominee for the Newt Gingrich ‘Lunar Colony 2020′ bullshit agile hubris award (the Luna BAHA). Ed Cortis, the lucky recipient of the email below, is CIO at Lonely Planet, and has a pretty decent … Continue reading

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Eating our own Dog Food

Some Luna friends, Horsham Colour – or I should say now HC Pro – are one of the largest professional photographic labs in Australia, situated in the charming country town of Horsham in the middle of the wheat belt of … Continue reading

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Reflections on Agile in Australia

James and I were both on the roster of speakers at Agile Australia 2011 this year. There were some great presentations over the 2 days, the highlight for me being Martin Fowler’s closing address on the profession of software development … Continue reading

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The Truth about DevOps

DevOps seems to be the new cool kid on the block lately, especially in Agile circles.  New user groups are popping up and it’s a fashionable topic to talk about at conferences; Many of the more leading edge consultancies are … Continue reading

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“You can’t control what you can’t measure” – Tom DeMarco recants on his famous principle.

Governance and funding of business investment using agile development methods are two hotly debated and misunderstood topics among the agile community. With governance principles originally borrowed from the exacting fields of construction engineering and accounting, where things can often be … Continue reading

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