Become Remarkable

Unlearn. Reinvent.


The Luna Brains Trust

People with a passion for improving outcomes and the felt experience.


We love solving problems.

We solve problems, by asking the questions differently.

We have the passion and curiosity to keep experimenting, developing ourselves and making Luna Tractor better; we get our hands dirty.

The Luna partners have been chief technical, creative and executive officers. The whole Luna Tractor team offer specific experience across psychology, legal, human factors, technology, creative, product, digital, talent and program management: a lifetime of practical experience in complex environments we use to coach, guide and share.  We all thrive on making teams and the way they work better.

James Pierce

Catalyst. Specialist-Generalist. Problem Solver.

Brad Smith

Creative ways of thinking and doing.

Ben Heath

Connect people. Connects dots.

Rachel Miles

Designer. Problem solver. Storyteller.

Laura Youngson

Pushing boundaries. Inspiring others.

Katherine Briggs

Legal. Finance. HR and governance.

Nigel Dalton


Luna Collective

Interested in joining Luna's orbit?

Start by Starting

It’s always easy to find reasons why we shouldn’t change, or to feel overwhelmed by all the choices and scale of the problem.  Choose instead just to start.

Understand how we start together

Blog? We certainly do…

The Luna team and friends share their thoughts on customer insights, strategy and stories, how we work and how humans perform.  Plus of course a little dose of space nerdery.

Consider our brains picked

We go to the source of the problem. So that we understand the problem.