Paradiddle Tempo

Compulsion to Connect

Discovery of new environments and challenges has been a constant theme through Ben’s life. It has taken him from small country towns to global financial markets and vibrant developing countries. Along the way he has gained useful experience in areas such as financial services, economics, nutritional food production and social enterprise.

Ben brings people together to generate ideas and solve problems. He is inspired when the underdog wins and people prove they are greater than any imposed limitations.

Humorous optimism is his ethos.

Why I love what I do

I live with two amazing people and one remarkable dog.

Experiencing, discovering and making music is a huge part of who I am. I’m particularly drawn to music made at home with very few tools at hand. Belonging to no particular genre, tonight’s menu might be Ween with some Oscar Peterson for dessert. I will be the one trying to play along on the drums.

I’m a big believer in play and the positive role hobbies have in our lives. I keep fish, although some may say that they keep me.



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