love of life

Love of a good laugh

Love of tropical mosquitos

Simone is a senior creative with a passion for bringing ideas to life, and a passion for life itself. Sim’s diverse background across small business, education and the creative sector has earned her a handy set of skills, capability and experience to create, inspire and lead teams through challenging creative processes for over twenty years.

Why I love what I do

Staying in my comfort zone is not an option. I’m at my best when I’m thrown deep into new challenges.

To get to the surface I leverage the skills accumulated throughout my ever-evolving career, embrace my propensity to explore new things and  rely on my love of working with great people…always asking the right questions to find the best solutions.

Working with Luna Tractor provides me the variety and creative challenge I need to keep moving forward and be constantly questioning.

Variety is the spice of life.



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