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Joe Kittinger, astronaut, on how to start being Agile

By March 10, 2011No Comments

We’re often asked “but how do we get started with Agile?”

The truth is many organisations start with a small, insignificant project that should things go wrong, the consequences will be small, and the bizarre experiment can be swept under the carpet.

Bad idea.

Start with something that has consequences, that people already have an emotional commitment to finishing – preferably to do something great or amazing.

A bit like NASA testing the first space-suit design in the space-race of the 1960s. Some of my favourite video ever made is of Joe Kittinger, the first ‘astronaut’ in many ways – the man who in August 1960 volunteered to test a space-suit design by heading to the edge of the atmosphere in an era when no rocket could get you there. So they sent him up hanging from a weather balloon.

How does he get back to earth? He makes the biggest leap of faith ever.

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