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How they found Lunokhod 1 – still contributing to science

By May 29, 2011One Comment

Any article on the internet that contains a photo as brilliant as this deserves promoting – but this one by Ariel Bleicher on IEEE from September 2010 is especially amazing, and contains the story of scientists rediscovering the little moon tank that could, and putting it to work again.

Just to add a weird twist to the story – the Lunokhod 2 moon rover was bought by this guy in 1993. Wonder what this one is worth?

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  • EdC says:

    Ahh Richard Garriott – or Lord British to anyone who played any Ultima computer game in the 80’s or early 90’s – surely not just me?!

    He also bought Lunik 21 – the lander that deployed Lunokhod 2.

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