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YOW conference on by Cogent

By January 30, 2012No Comments

YOW have got their speaker presentation videos all sorted on the new Eventer platform, designed and sold by Cogent Consulting in Melbourne. You will notice 2 things about it – 1) the user experience is absolutely beautiful; and 2) it is a thrill to use. Some magic has been going on down at Castle Cogent.

Check it out here:

You’ll find James Pierce and I presenting on our history of agile-like work practices here (James is the one who looks like Steve Jobs):

I also recommend Damian Conway‘s talk, who is something of a national treasure for Australian technology, and Simon Peyton Jones, the inventor of Haskell, and serial abuser of Comic Sans. Mike Lee and Linda Rising are 2 more sessions to look out for, while Martin Fowler and Jim Webber will be sure to keep you in fits of laughter as you learn.

Congratulations Cogent on the launch of Eventer – YOW makes a great showcase for you.

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