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Luna News: Team Update

By May 3, 2012No Comments

At the beginning of June 2012, the Luna Tractor network will farewell Nigel Dalton as a consultant, to take on the role of Chief Information Officer at REA-Group. As one of the founders of Luna Tractor, Nigel will continue to write here, sharing his insights and experiences as part of our growing network of executives, consultants, leaders and change agents.

Over the last twelve months Luna Tractor has worked with many different organisations, from banking, superannuation and health insurance, to handmade bicycles and professional photographic services. We’ve helped them find new ways to work, with new approaches to innovation, transforming business by linking customer insight with strategy and agile execution. Co-founder James Pierce will continue to lead this mission hands-on with all of Luna Tractor’s partners.

Nigel is currently in the USA where he is speaking at the Lean Software and Systems Conference (LSSC) in Boston. Both Nigel and James with be back on stage along with Luna Tractor clients at the Agile Australia 2012 conference at end of May to continue sharing their stories. We look forward to seeing you there – Nigel and James.

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