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Agile 2012 – the emerging community in Australia

By July 11, 2012No Comments

Agile Australia 2009, in Sydney.

I distinctly recall feeling crestfallen when a show of hands was asked for at Agile Australia 2009 in Sydney  – who was doing agile, and who was just thinking about it?

From memory about 70% were just thinking about it, and it felt like an evangelical sale from that point onward. We hadn’t really catered for a newbie audience as well as we might have either!

My, how that has changed in just a couple of years. Slattery IT just published the July Agile Today magazine with the results from the conference survey (click on the infographic below to make it bigger). With double the number of attendees of 2009, the profile of agile and lean as a set of techniques being applied in all sectors in Australian business is encouraging reading.

The data here is a great picture of agile in Australia.

  1. It has become about faster time to market for product innovation.
  2. There are a bunch of organisations who have been doing agile for 2 years, and are wrestling with the challenges that come from plateauing in their outcomes and practices.
  3. Making a successful transition to agile working is about overcoming resistance to change within your culture, a topic that is now hot – and for which there is plenty to draw from in the field of change management.

By my reckoning, James and I make up a fair percentage of the tiny ’10+ years’ block in the bar chart (bottom left), showing how long people have been practising agile. As the inimitable Roy Singham so kindly pointed out, I feel a bit like the old man of agile these days – having taken it up in 2000 to survive a dot com in San Francisco. At least I have kept up the sartorial splendour along the way!

Nigel Dalton, David Joyce, Simon Bristow and Craig Smith on stage at Agile Australia 2012 in Melbourne.

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