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Agile history article on – why the time is NOW for agile

By April 6, 2013No Comments

Vlamingh_ships_at_the_Swan_River,_Keulen_1796I was kindly invited to submit an op-ed for IT News’s week of features on agile in Australia, and took the chance to outline my opinion that agile will continue to reveal itself as a black swan for modern business.

You can head over there for a full explanation of black swans and the white lies that result from their discovery. You can also learn why I have put a 300 year old painting of Perth on our blog!

In a nutshell, the uncertain and sometimes brutal business conditions we face today demand a new approach, and we are lucky enough to have Japan’s vast lean industry experiment from the 1960s onward to learn from, as well as the pioneering work done by agile IT professionals since the 1990s.

However <sigh>, as James often quotes from Deming – ‘It is not necessary to change – survival is not mandatory’.

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