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Luna Links – Backflips, Work Schedules and Generalist Developers

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Why Is a Triple Back Flip on a Bike So Difficult? – Wired mag has an amazing video of a triple backflip on a BMX as well as a great explanation of why it’s so hard, and how to do it. (Luna Recommendation: Don’t eat your lunch while you watch).

The Marker’s Schedule vs the Manager’s Schedule – An oldie but a goodie from Paul Graham, relevant after my session at Agile Australia 2011.  Essential reading if you’re a manager of knowledge workers.

The Greatest Developer Fallacy Or The Wisest Words You’ll Ever Hear? – An interesting view on the negatives of generalist developers.  When I read this I’m reminded of a friend studying at Cambridge who has a year to figure out the question for her PhD, let alone the answer.  We don’t tend to go deep into things anymore, and that’s a bad thing – there is a great reference in there to the 10 years or 10,000 hours to mastery stuff too, but I’m going to save that for a real post soon.

Luna Links – Africa, Microsoft and Myspace plus Tron

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The True Size of Africa (A visualisation) – I can’t help but have a flash back to the organisation of cartographers for social equality on the West Wing.

Did The Microsoft Stack Kill MySpace ? – This post, plus the original case study by Robert Scoble is long but essential reading for anyone involved in a large technology project.  If you can’t get through it because facebook, blogs, sms, twitter and the internet have destroyed your attention span then read this cheats version of the article instead, there is lots of important stuff in there though.

Tron Legacy Special Effects – Beautify imagery and effects for the movie with some insights into how they were made.

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