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Luna Links – Angry Birds, Radiation Dosage and the Shuttle Discovery

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We love the little curated lists of links on many of the blogs we read, so we wanted to do the same thing here at Luna Tractor.  As a rule they will be relevant to the typical blog themes, but sometimes off topic things are just to interesting not to share.

The Angry Birds Story – I will confess to having played one or two level of Angry Birds myself. This piece from Wired looking at the development of the company and game has two important lessons to pick up from Rovio’s success. 1) Watch people using your products. 2) Distribution is really important.

Radiation Dose Chart – I love data visualisations and am quite addicted to charts like the Billion Dollar Gram from Information is Beautiful.  Randall from XKCD has done a bunch of great ones over the years in his own style. This most recent one compares radiation doses from a very wide range of sources and does an excellent job of putting the Japanese nuclear issue into context.

Shuttle Discovery’s Final Flight – I promise we’ll try not to overdo the space theme here, but these pictures from the Big Picture Blog are too good not to share.  Sit back and marvel at the wonder which is manned space flight.

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