We’re writing a book ! Update: Perhaps Derek (see below) was right, or perhaps a mixture of client work and the magical (and more Agile) format of a blog seems to have derailed this project.  At any rate you can read a number of Lonely Planet case studies which we have written here:

Lean Lawyers

Radial SAP Team Transformation

Agile Recruitment

I’ll leave the old content of this page here for histories sake, and to show that we do eat our own dog food (working software – blog posts etc over comprehensive documentation – an unfinished book).  For the record we are ‘writing it down’, it’s just here on the blog, in our conversations, in our tweets and in our presentations:


Derek Sivers says we shouldn’t share our goals, or make them public, that the act of sharing our goals makes us less likely to achieve them. However, our experience with the teams we’ve worked with is that making public commitments to each other is a powerful motivating force  With all things Luna Tractor we try to practice what we preach.  We have started then to share some of the stories and photographs we have been collecting as the basis of an ebook about the remarkable business transformation at Lonely Planet in the last 5 years.

The book’s title, ‘Not just an IT Thing’ was inspired by Thoughtworks’ Lean business strategist David Joyce, who in early discussions with us was lamenting that so little progress has been made outside of software development with systems thinking, lean, agile and kanban methodologies, and that all too often agile was dismissed as “just an IT thing”.  To continue this, and share our progress in an agile way, our goal is to publish some of the photographs of Lonely Planet’s remarkable workplace on a regular basis as the content comes together.  Stay tuned to the blog for snippets and the team’s stories, and most importantly tell us what you think.

A note of thanks must go to everyone over the last 5 years who told us to ‘write it down!’ Well, your exhortations have been heard, and this time we’ve actually started.