Luna System Cards

Perfectly suited to running projects on walls.

Having worked with and seen hundreds of teams running projects on walls we’ve always thought that the commonly-available index cards kinda suck, so we worked with our pro-photo and printing friends  at and made cards for you.

About the cards

8 colours plus grey and plain cards for a total of 10.  The red cards are extra eye catching; use these for interruptions, bugs cards or to flag ‘important’ stuff.

Better line spacing
The right size for writing with a Sharpie, but still tight enough to make you neat.

A nicer writing surface
A great paper stock that doesn’t soak up the sharpie too much, but also doesn’t smear after a few seconds’ drying.

The right sizes
Big A6 (148mm x 105mm) cards for stories. Little Portrait A7 (74mm x 105mm) ones for everything else.  Big cards cut in half to make more small ones if you run out.


The A4 Tractor Box
400 x A6 cards (mix of 10 colours)
800 x A7 cards (mix of 10 colours)
6 Sharpie Fine Point markers
1 roll of 3M magical green tape
Free regular shipping in Australia

$195 inc. GST

The A3 Tractor Box
800 x A6 cards (mix of 10 colours)
1600 x A7 cards (mix of 10 colours)
12 Sharpie Fine Point markers
2 rolls of 3M magical green tape
Free regular shipping in Australia.

$345 inc. GST

Normally orders will be dispatched within a few days.

Ordering Process

Orders are manufactured print on demand which fits in with our lean ethos as well as allowing for customisations.  Please get in contact directly HC Pro to order and discuss any customisations.  A minimum fee of $1500 applies.

Payment is via credit card on dispatch.  HC Pro will phone for payment.

Phone: 1300 781 161