Love of music

Love of the ocean

Brad’s spent half a lifetime driving ideas with hundreds of organisations and all walks of life. He delivers strategy, creativity, story-telling, and inventive ways-of-working (plus a healthy dose of energy) to businesses seeking to innovate and disrupt.

He’s built a digital services agency from the ground up and founded multiple tech start-ups. He delivers rich experience, value and pragmatism in problem-solving for creative, technology and business challenges. He’s a lateral thinker with a love of language and a unique ability of simplifying the complex.

Simple is king.

Why I love what I do

Not so long ago I stepped out of my world, to simplify things and look at what’s next (again).

I structured my approach to this chapter around the idea of “100 Things” — a project by me, about me, for me — as a pathway to shape 100 possible career, project or business ideas defined by who I am.

The concept identified what makes me tick, what drives me, the rhythm I best work to, the people I want to work with and the collaborative way I operate.

It reminded me that I’m a curious and optimistic beast who loves innovation, technology, creativity, architecture and a socially-minded world. It reminded me of my love of people, and seeing how they tick.

It drove clarity in making a select few of these things happen. It landed me in the Luna Tractor orbit, where our work sees me accessing both left and right brain, combining creative problem solving with business pragmatism and great communication to solve challenges, empower people and make organisations better for their people and their customers.

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