Love of space

Love of wild places

Love of Silver Halide

James has worked in places as diverse as a physics research lab and Lonely Planet; in start ups and big business. Always a passionate thinker and student of why things are the way they are – from the makeup of the universe to human interactions in teams – James is also committed to making work a better place to be. He’s fascinated by what drives individuals and how to turn individuals into high performing teams.

Why I love what I do

My whole life I’ve wanted to know how things work. For my third birthday I was gifted my first set of screw drivers and promptly took a powerpoint off the wall to see where the electricity came from. I love the variety of organisations and teams we work with, as well as the constant opportunity to keep learning, experimenting and developing ourselves and Luna.

I get a buzz every time we visit an old client years later and see how far they have evolved with and without us.  Always Curious. Always Learning.

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