Love of Adventure

Love of sci-fi

Love of puns

Laura has taken an eclectic approach to building a career, from the civil service to working on the London Olympics, and from a degree in physics to running a hotel in Mozambique. Her diverse experiences enable her to empathise with organisations that vary in size, culture and industry.

Laura has a passion for start-ups and challenging the established way of doing business. Her most recent campaign, Equal Playing Field, led a group of women to the top of Kilimanjaro to set a world record.

Laura enjoys pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by inspiring others to dream, calculating and mitigating risks and then telling a great story afterwards.

Why I love what I do

I ask ‘Why?’ to the point of annoyance, in the pursuit of optimal solutions.

I love working with other people to achieve a clarity and resolve to their work, and  learning from the different people I work with.

I love that Luna Tractor conversations range from speculation on the obsolescence of refrigerators in the future, to whether holocracy is a good system for team culture.

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