Love of smiles


Creative problem solver

Rachel is an experienced leader of creative teams, working with clients to solve communication, brand and people challenges.

A pragmatic problem solver and creative thinker, Rachel uses ideas and story-telling to enable businesses to work and communicate better.

She’s the founder a brand and communications agency working with start-ups, national icons and global organisations.

Why I love what I do

I’ve never quite fitted in the box of being ‘a designer’ so running my own agency was always a natural fit — there are so many hats to wear. Looking back I’m amazed by how much I’ve learnt; from the successes and failures, the people around me, and the different challenges we’ve tackled. I’m at my best when doing — working collaboratively, supporting the people around me to their best…and just getting stuck in.

I’m passionate about all things design – both the process and practice, how it informs and is impacted by culture, how it can make your heart sing, or just make things easy and comfortable in the smallest ways.

I live for those moments of wonder. That feeling you get when you experience something beautiful, unfamiliar or remarkable. And the questioning, inspiration or new pathways that follow.



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